The list of the best tutorials to have Windows and linux ISO file


First of all, what is a tutorial?

Tuto is the abbreviation of tutorial. It is an explanatory and demonstrative video, which teaches the user how to do such or such action.

Example: you don’t know how to take a screenshot on your phone?

You type “take a screenshot on your phone” and in three minutes, you find a video clip that explains everything. There are tutorials on several thousand subjects (knitting, photography, programming, cars…) since everyone can post his video and share his skills. The tone is always very didactic and possible for all.

The tuto would be the little brother of the mooc; a more immediate and practical version of the access to knowledge, allowed by the Internet. The tuto can also become a powerful marketing tool, as it allows for product placement in a supported way. The term tutorial is used to designate an informative booklet intended to teach experiences of any kind, even if the term has been widely used in the field of computing.

Example: Luckily I had the tutorial for the game, otherwise I would never have been able to install it in front of the TV.


The list of the best sites to learn

Good learning to you! Thank you for reading